These Men Are Getting Transformed

These Men Are Getting Transformed Into Living Latex Dolls And It’s Hell Funny!

There are lots of people in the world will select weird hobbies and the habits of them to make them look different from all of us. There are lots of people are carry one new trendy thing called as the masker. You might know about them where the men wear the dress in which they look like doll or woman. This dress is particularly mad made up of silicon rubber.

There is some curious behind this story and even you might be serious among this then there are people talk about the different views on it. It has been the trend from last one year.

They will act like Barbie dolls. Even they are also normal people where there will be married people too. Some of them have children too. There are few straight and have the regular and family careers.

Even the life of these maskers has been observed in TLC’s ‘My Strange Addiction’: Men in Doll Suits.

The masked will not disclose anything about them and the plastic lives too. They will be secret in their mask life.

Coming to the doll suit which is preferred by maskers only and it costs about $850.

There is a famous manufacture of this custom-made silicon body which is known as Femskin.

The producers in the Foam skin will automatically create the perfect suits and the suits will have the breasts and a vagina which makes that to look realistic mask.

These are few suits will be made by Adam Ramos and his mother is in Florida.

They have over 400,000 transgendered clients across the world.

Adam has taken over his property where his father wants to create doll suits for the men.

Even 70-year-old cross dresses who is one of the maskers has the life changing mask on his face.

He actually divorced and only living with this daughter.

Robert says that it is a mystery to him and he loves this doing this ay least once in a week then this is the reason behind that.

Even the maskers conduct their annual gathering where all the maskers meet and discuss their things.

Here is the trailer that explores the life of maskers.


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