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Urdu literature is generally composed more of poetry than of writing. This Urdu language has much contribution into the drama, poetry, shayari the particular world’s novels. The prose component of Urdu literature was mainly available to the ancient form of long epic stories called Dastaan. These long epic stories would deal with magical and otherwise fantastic creatures and events in a very complicated plot. But later these (Dastaan’s) writings were started to be taken and presented on stage in the structure of play.
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Urdu Drama as an issue is made of several elements. It focuses on life as well as other aspects of the usb ports. The thing in order to become noticed seriously that act on stage imitates happenings in life. The real life incidents are presented on stage in application form of predicament. Every artist of it enacts as different characters and portrays the down to earth incidents or a scripted state. The complete act is dependent on the way the feelings and the words are being presented the particular artist on stage and the emotions portrayed by these artists.

Drama is not always depended or made on brick and mortar venues incidents. Quantity it is scripted and written by great Urdu poets/writers of that time. These poets/writers have written it so richly who’s always touches the hearts of the crowd. Originally Daastan had been converted to drama by splitting complete novel/epic into many short parts. The performers used to take the theme based when using this and enact in its mask from the stage. Dastan as a genre is originated in Iran and was originally written by folk storytellers. It was written by famous authors/writers of feature in today’s designs times. Its plots were based both on folklore and classical literary subjects, but later those were transformed to several genres to make it into stage.

There are a lot of writers like Prof Hasan, Ghulam jeelani, J.N, Kaushal, Shameem Hanfi, Jameel Shaidayi etc. who belongs to the old generation of documents. The contemporary writers like Danish Iqbal, Sayeed Alam, Shahid Anwar, Iqbal Niyazi and Anwar are few post modern Play writers who contributed much ultimately field of Urdu Play. These writers have kept the first step toward the Urdu drama about which the modern days pillars were raised. Writers like Imtiaz Ali Taj, Rafi Peer, Krishan Chander, Manto, Upender Nath Ashk, Ghulam Rabbani, Prof. Mujeeb and many others shaped this tradition these days.

You also have Sayeed Alam who is known for his wit and humor etc particularly for Plays like ‘Ghalib in New Delhi’,’Big B’and numerous gems will be regularly staged for massive turn through theatre companions. Maulana Azad is his magnum opus both ready for its content and design. He has written much writing based on imagination by adding extra ordinary charms to its plays. Once you works because of these people have shapes the drama into today’s films.

You can have much more information regarding these poets and their great contributions to the Urdu literature by browsing into the various Urdu websites which have fallen up in order to supply all the text lovers a powerful place to discover the rich poetry, shayari and Daastans. You have much more to analyze these web websites. http://www.adeelzaidi.com/

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